Yard Work, Mowing & Snow Removal:  Jacob & Bradley Poletis 816-564-6453, Max Bilton 913-669-2384
Babysitting: Jessica & Nikki Hartmann 816-914-6804, Olivia Neidt 816-554-8340, Delaney Boulden 816-527-5567, Grace Marshall 816-554-0093, Madison Whitefield  913-710-4263
Pet Care: Katelyn Esry 816-347-1239, Daniel Worth 816-246-0207, Delaney Boulden 816-527-5567, Jessica & Nikki Hartmann 816-914-6804, Max Bilton 913-669-2384, Brooklyn & Madison Whitefield 913-710-4263
Plant Care: Daniel Worth 816-246-0207, Olivia Neidt 816-554-8340, Jessica & Nikki Hartmann 816-914-6804, Madison Whitefield 913-710-4263
Helping Hands:
Helping Hands is a volunteer group of your BTB neighbors who are ready to help other BTB neighbors. We would like to help anyone who needs assistance with light yard work i.e. trimming bushes, taking out small bushes, pulling weeds, etc. For information please contact:
Tamara Bishop at bishop70@msn.com, Kim Naylor at 524-8671, or Ann Yonker at  annmyonker@gmail.com.
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