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Pool Membership Revisions: 

     We currently run two different budgets due to some BTB Neighbors being members of the pool, and some not being members of the pool.  This means we have to have two different treasurers and it is hard to get one person to be a treasurer in a subdivision, let alone two.  It took almost a year to get someone to replace Angie Leonard (Pool Treasurer). When Angela (BTB Treasurer) bills for dues she has to prepare two different sets of bills and it is very time consuming. Since the vast majority of the neighborhood are members of the pool (only about 18% are not) a consolidated budget will result in a dues decrease for most people. I have been told by people who have lived here since the subdivision was first built that the original intent was to exclude those who had built their house before the pool was built, but that when those people sold their houses the people that bought them would have to buy into the pool.  Unfortunately, that was not put into the form of a restriction and so it has not happened in all cases.   Additionally, the pool is an amenity that is offered by this neighborhood and all neighbors property values benefit because of it.

     At the May 12th, 2022 annual meeting there were changes made to the board's proposal and those are illustrated in the final version of the restriction with highlighting. In order to amend our existing restrictions,75% of the homes in Bent Tree Bluffs must sign off on it.  The last time the restrictions were amended was 2004 and it was a restriction on the type of roofing people could put on their homes. 
     Below you will find the Board's initial proposed revision of pool restrictions with highlighted changes as a result of suggestions at the May 12th meeting and the Final Revision that we will be voting on:

Board Revision with highlights   
Final revision of pool restriction-no highlights    (with final tweaks 8/19/2022)

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