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  • 8/15/13 - Following the Lee's Summit Planning Commission vote against the project by a vote of 5-2, the Lee's Summit City Council approved the project by a vote of 6-2, providing a special use permit for 10 years. City council meeting video and documentation here)

  • 1/30/18 - Star Excavation requested removal of the "No Use of Explosives" condition on their permit 

  • 3/28/18 - Public hearing held. Star Excavation provided an overview of the project and the request, and the public was invited to express concern, ask questions, and voice opinions. You can read the overview shared here

  • 5/9/18 - the Missouri Department of Natural Resources approved the request (more detail here) through the year 2034

  • 5/16/18 - First blast conducted

  • 5/29/18 - BTB HOA representatives met with Lee's Summit officials regarding ongoing concern with the blasting

  • 7/23/18 - Formal hearing regarding the approved permit scheduled in Jefferson City

  • 8/15/18 - Star Excavation deadline to provide city of Lee's Summit with development plan on reclaimed property 

  • 1/30/19 - Review of blasting permit requested by property owners adjacent to the blasting site was postponed from January 22, 2019 to June 18, 2019. City plans to review the Star Excavation proposal to develop a sod farm. Read email string here.


  • Who are our City Council members?

District 2 - Andrew Felker and Trish Carlyle (city council members here)

  • Who has jurisdiction to approve and enforce blasting?

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has authority to approve land reclamation project.

The City of Lee's Summit has authority to issue Special Use Permits (SUPs). Mining activity requires an SUP; however, the SUP cannot be more restrictive than the state's approved permit. ​

  • Where can I monitor the blasts?

Use this link:  

Username: star

Password: star2018

Click Submit, and then click Go to Projects

Additional Information

The following message was sent to BTB residents on 6/4/18


Bent Tree Bluffs Residents,

We are writing to inform you of an update to our efforts to address the blasting taking place north of the interstate.

Three members of our board met with the Lee’s Summit Mayor, Assistant City Manager, Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, City Construction Manager, and City Council Member Craig Faith, on Tuesday 5/29.


In the meeting we reiterated our concerns about the blasting taking place, and discussed potential options we have to restrict the blasting or at least place additional requirements on the blasting.


The city officials were engaged in the conversation and expressed an interest in addressing our concerns. One commitment they made was to meet with city attorneys to review what amendments can be made to the city ordinance governing special use permits, which would allow for additional restrictions.


It’s important to note that the city can’t override the state’s blasting permit, but they can potentially mandate certain requirements be met in order to remain compliant with the special use permit. 


We will share next steps as they are available.


Sam Mahlstadt  Vice President BTB Board

Link to email exchange between City of Lee's Summit and BTB Board members

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